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The other day, I ran into a situation where my Wacom pen sort of slid into itself as I was rocking the retouching world. I've encountered this before and I have a quick little fix. It does involve taking the pen apart, but I often forget how many little pieces go into this. Result: Tiny springs falling everywhere and not being entirely sure where they go.

So here is a breakdown of how the pen is assembled and how to fix the ol' slippy-do.

Nib, Screw Thingy, Spacer/Color Identifier Thingy, Rubber Grip (Mine is from the Accessory kit, it doesn't have a hole in it for the button), Front Plasticy Thingy, Technology, Tiny Spring that does something I'm not entirely sure of (presumably part of the button that I pull off anyway), Tiny Eraser Spring that provides feedback for Eraser side, Eraser nib, Back Plasticy Thingy.

Great now that we've got all our pieces named, and the order in which they assemble, let's talk fixing.

The slip is caused by a small split in the Back Plasticy Thingy. Applied pressure causes the split to open up and the Front Plasticy Thingy slides inside. So what we need to do is prevent the split from... splitting. Sure you could glue it, but glueing feels so permanent. Plus, I have a bad habit of glueing things to myself. So let's try tape. I've done scotch tape, it's nice and thin, but it does wear down after a while and the split reappears. Gaffers tape sounds like a good option, but i suspect it'll be too thick. Also, I didn't have within reaching distance. Here I used a good paper tape. Not too thick, easy to cut to size. Wrap it around once, trim with an xacto so it's flush with the plastic thingy. and reassemble.

Wacom Pen crack

Reassemble can be tricky if you haven't kept track of where all the pieces came from. the springs are the hardest part. Tiny Eraser Spring sits on this plastic end on the Technology, like so.

Then drop the Eraser Nib over it, and slide into the Back Plasticy Thingy.

As for the Tiny Spring that might be related to the button. Well I kind of assume it goes like so.

The thing is, I don't use the button because I don't like it. I'm willing to bet I could toss this spring and I'd never know it was gone. (UPDATE: Full disclosure, I totally lost this spring while reassembling. Everything thing seems to be fine)

Aside from that, there are just a few tracks that you should follow so all the pieces go smoothly together.

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